Completed:  2008
Extent:  Conversion and partial rebuild of a Victorian pumping station on the River Severn to eco offices.

Originally a Victorian Waterworks and pumping station this scheme required the conversion of and extension to a range of redundant industrial buildings in the centre of this historic market town. The property, owned by Shrewsbury & Atcham Borough Council, came on the market in 2006 and was developed by Indigo Seven and the Borough Council as a joint venture with Water Management Consultants. Additional funding was provided by Advantage West Midlands and the Rural Regeneration Zone.

The public-private joint venture to develop an exemplary office building in the centre of Shrewsbury was procured under a Project Partnering Agreement. The building showcases a high quality low energy sustainable design and stimulates the wider environmental economy. The building has been rated as Excellent under the BREEAM Environmental Assessment Methodology, it is also A rated for Energy Efficiency.

The principles upon which the scheme was commissioned included the construction of a healthy building and working environment; a minimal level of energy consumption and CO2 emissions and the use of the most economic and sustainable building techniques.

To achieve these principles the design and construction incorporated a FSC Certified Glulam Frame, exceptionally high levels of insulation, a biomass heating system with a full Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery System, together with a large area of Photovoltaic Solar Panels producing a peak output of 8.8Kw and solar hot water production.

The high level of thermal mass to helps prevent summertime overheating and a high level of air-tightness to reduce any heat losses. A rainwater recovery system minimizes water consumption.